What is the eco-friendly natural fiber “Tencel”?

Jasmine editor.
How are you spending the first day of the holidays?

By the way, do you all know about the material called Tencel?
Today I would like to talk about this natural fiber "Tencel".

In fact, this material is not a chemical fiber, but a new natural fiber that was recently invented.

The difference between Tencel and chemical fibers is that
Since it is made by utilizing natural cellulose molecules, it will be broken down by the action of microorganisms if left alone .

TENCEL is produced by melting wood pulp and filtering it through a filter.
It is made by removing impurities, extruding it through small, fine holes, and spinning it.

(There is also something called ``Lyocell'' in the chest, but this is a trademark of the Australian company Lenzing.)

I have summarized the characteristics of Tencel .
・Soft texture and gentle luster ・Strength does not decrease even when wet ・Strong to absorb moisture and dry quickly

On the other hand, the disadvantages of Tencel are
・May shrink when washed with water ・Slightly hard when wet

For this reason, it is used in a variety of products other than elegant dresses, casual denim, and clothing.
Additionally, Tencel can be cleaned at home.

◆How to care for Tencel <br>Turn it inside out, fold it neatly, and gently press wash it with lukewarm water containing a detergent such as Akron.
To dehydrate the bag, leave it folded and gently press it between towels to remove moisture, and dry it in the shade.

Line dry pants and skirts, and flat dry knits and items that tend to lose their shape.
If you look at it this way, it looks similar to caring for silk.

How was it?

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While sustainability is attracting worldwide attention,
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Coordination and new product introductions are also available.
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